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Worker’s Compensation Maryland

Each year the rates and rules for Workers Compensation Insurance change. 

·         Employees must be included based on their annual remuneration (payroll).

·         Sole Proprietors and Partners are not included in Workers Compensation coverage.  However, Sole Proprietors or Partners may elect to be covered.  If coverage is elected, coverage is based on a specified annual payroll per partner or sole proprietor.

·         Officer Employees of Close Corporations are included in Workers Compensation.  However, each officer employee may reject benefits.  If included the officer employee is included at an annual payroll specified by the Workers Compensation Commission..

·         Regular Corporations.  All employees must be covered and are included based on their annual remuneration.  

*These amounts are subject to change each year by the Workers Compensation Commission

Workers Compensation Insurance is required for all employers in Maryland




If you would like a proposal on Workers Compensation Insurance please contact us, send a copy of your current coverage, or send information about the employer and annual remuneration.

This is intended to provide general information. For a complete description of coverage including policy provisions, limitations and exclusions, please consult the actual insurance policy.
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